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Disney Hannah Montana And Friends 12 Inch Stylin' Fashion Doll - Miley In Red-gray Stripes Sleeveless Shirt And Mini Skirt With Bracelet, A Pair Of Shoes And Earrings Plus Hairbrush

Disney And Friends 12 Inch Stylin Fashion


Model: 20350-Miley
UPS: 687203203522

Your young child is going to take the Disney And Friends 12 Inch Stylin' Fashion just about everywhere. One of the several best features is the doll measured approximately 12 inch tall. Additional features consist of for age 6 and up. The barcode for this is 687203203522. Choosing a Disney And Friends 12 Inch Stylin' Fashion , visit the hyperlink below.

Miley Stewart is living a double life.! She's just a regular teenager who goes to school and hangs out with her best friends, but she's hiding a secret - she's the famous pop superstar, Hannah Montana! Miley likes to maintain her celebrity identity a secret to make sure that she can reside a normal life - 'cuz who wouldn't need to be Hannah Montana?


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