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Hannah Montana Fashion Collection: Orange Top, Pants, Jeans With Jacket

Hannah Montana Fashion Collection Orange

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Your tot might take the Hannah Montana Fashion pretty much everywhere. It's 12.8"H x 2.7"L x 8"W. It weighs close to 2.38 lbs. Shopping for Hannah Montana Fashion . To get this product now at the best price, click on our store add to cart button on this site.

Miley Stewart is living a double life. Miley likes to help maintain her celebrity identity a secret so that she can live a regular life - 'cuz who wouldn't want to be Hannah Montana? She's just a normal teenager who goes to school and hangs out with her best friends, but she's hiding a secret - she's the famous pop superstar, Hannah Montana! Includes 11. 75"doll, two outfits and accessories.


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