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Hannah Montana In Concert Collection Deluxe Singing W/ Nobody's Perfect

Hannah Montana In Concert Collection

Play Along

Model: 20233
UPS: 687203202334
Package Quantity: 1

Hannah Montana In Concert Collection made by Play Along will probably be your kid's best new play thing. I think you will love that the product comes along with new hannah montana songs and sound bytes. The UPC barcode for this doll is 687203202334. We would like for you to get the best price when purchasing a Hannah Montana doll. Please click on our partners via the add to shopping cart button below.

This Hannah Montana doll is perfect for your small"secret celebrity"who loves to play dress-up! Now you can experience the concert excitement with cool glowing concert gear including Hannah's glow inside the dark microphone, bracelet plus a"Secret Pop Star"bracelet included just for you! Hannah sings"True Friend"and says cool phrases from her hit television show employing the press of a button by her stomach.     Recommended   6 Years + A need to have for any Hannah Montana fan or collector out there. Item also contains a brush for the doll and microphone stand. With beautifully detailed graphics, this Hannah Montana doll is as close towards the actual thing as you can get with out meeting her in person!!!! The Hannah Montana doll features glow inside the dark accessories. Features Hannah Montana in realistic clothes!


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