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Hannah Montana Surf Shop Doll

Hannah Montana Surf Shop Doll

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Model: 20221
UPS: 687203202211

I feel you will like that it comes along with collect all of the characters (sold separately) and act out the scenes from the show. Additional features include things like lots of beach accessories included. and dressed in fun summer themed fashions. The EAN barcode, or the International Article Number, for this extraordinary product is 0687203202211. It's 13"H x 2.7"L x 5.5"W and weighs just about 0.6 lbs, click the weblink below.

It's Hannah Montana in adorable summer-themed fashions, perfect for her summer tour or hanging out at the beach. 5"tall. Perfect to play in the Tiki Hut Playset, sold separately. Doll measures 11. Includes two cool beachy stickers for you and beachy must-have accessories for your doll. Collect all the characters and act out scenes from the show.


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