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Hannah W/fashion, Accessories And Dancing Feature Mechanism

Hannah Wfashion


Model: 20254
UPS: 687203202549

Your toddler will love this Hannah W/fashion , a great Hannah Montana doll manufactured by Jakks. I believe you will like that the item has got this feature of dancing hannah doll in the cutest pop star fashions. It's dimensions are 13" Height x 2.5" Length x 8" Width. And of course, make sure you take a look at the price of dolls. Make a bit of more time and you will find everything that you wish to buy for kids at the suitable value.

Hannah Montana and her friends have all the best moves and grooves, and all the best fashions to boot! Doll comes with bonus jacket and oversized purse. Measures 13"tall. Hold this doll, move her waist and watch her dance and show off all of her best concert moves.


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