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Hannah Montana Oliver Memorable Moments

Oliver Memorable Moments


Model: 20226
UPS: 687203202266

Oliver Memorable Moments , a great Hannah Montana doll made by Jakks is the best toy doll. I certainly loved that the product has oliver in themed outfits from their most memorable epsiodes. Additional features include things like great gift for the hannah collector and she is in authentic fashions. It's dimensions are 13"H x 2.5"L x 5.5"W.

The Hannah Montana Memorable Moments collection capabilities dolls inspired by certain episodes of the hit Disney Channel TV Show"Hannah Montana ". The doll is inspired by the episode"Achy Jakey Heart II"where Oliver and Jackson go head to head with Rico's by opening up a"Cheese Jerky shack "! This is really a great gift for the Hannah collector. Age 6+ This Oliver doll is dressed in green cargo shorts and a blue shirt promoting his business,"Jackson and Oliver's Cheeze Jerky ".


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